Standard Prints

Standard Prints are prints that have been designed and put into the print library. 

Prices for standard prints vary. They vary depending on the detail of the print but most are $20 dollars but do go up from there.

Click on the print you intend to buy. Select Standard Print in the options menu to confirm the price of the print. 



Personalized Prints

Personalized prints are Standard prints with a name or words add to the print.  

You can add personalization up to 15 letters long. 

Pricing for personalization is $10 dollars added to the cost of a standard print. 

Click on the print you intend to buy. Select Personalized Print in the options menu and add up to 15 letters



Custom Prints are prints that have to be designed from scratch. 

Prices for custom prints vary depending on detail of the print and how long it takes to design.  

If you have a picture or something in mind and want it made, contact me by text or email. We will discuss what your wanting cut, along with price. 

Most cuts can be designed and cut within two days